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Huru offers comprehensive health education training to girls, boys, parents, educators and entire communities so that everyone is educated on periods and how to support girls both in and out of the classroom.



Through Huru’s extensive work distributing reusable sanitary pads and health education, Huru has had the privilege of meeting adolescent girls and young women from all over East Africa, many of whom had already dropped out of school and were struggling to find work to support themselves and their families. Huru listened, and developed a training program to help provide a powerful foundation for long-term economic empowerment.


Youth Unemployment

One in five Kenyans are between the ages of 15 and 24, and unemployment for this demographic is the highest of all East African nations. Unlike the African continent as a whole, youth unemployment has increased in Kenya since 2000. Women and girls are adversely affected by this: when they reach menarche, girls drop out of school at disproportionately higher rates than boys, limiting their opportunities for employment.


Practical Skills Training

Huru’s training opportunities focus on skills in-demand by the textile industry, like industrial sewing and tailoring. Huru’s course offerings are supplemented with lessons on business, finance, entrepreneurship and health education to support well-rounded, educated and skilled young people ready for employment.

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Holistic Approach

Huru’s course offerings for the Skills Transfer Program are supplemented with lessons on business, finance, entrepreneurship and health education to support a well-rounded group of young people that are skilled, healthy, and financially independent.

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Personal & Economic Independence

Through providing youth with the tools they need to safeguard their health and learn marketable employable skills, Huru acts as a gateway towards personal and economic independence.


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