About Huru International

Millions of girls around the world don’t have access to sanitary supplies. They’re forced to use dangerous substitutes. They miss school every month.

“My mom told me she didn’t have enough money to buy pads, so I had to stay home until my period stopped.”
— Mercy

In Swahili, Huru means freedom. At Huru, we give girls the freedom to stay in school. We began in Kenya, providing thousands of at-risk girls with free kits that include reusable sanitary pads, life-saving HIV/AIDS prevention information, and information and resources essential to sexual and reproductive health. Huru Kits are environmentally friendly and locally produced, creating new jobs in the girls’ communities—a cost-effective, simple solution to a complicated problem.

“I’m planning to go to college. I don’t plan to miss classes again, because Huru is there.”
— Emily